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When Facing Change Control What You Can

There are three things we can use to know what’s in our control. And, the more time we take to work on our business, reflect, and seek out new knowledge provides us a baseline to work from. We can use that information to spark creativity, check alignment of action and initiative, as well as assess commitment. Jess Dewell brings you insights about the importance of being able to adapt to change from Cynthia Del’Aria, CEO and Founder of Raika Technologies; Lizabeth Wesley-Casella, CEO of L-12 Services; and Ed Vincent, CEO and Founder of festivalPass.

How can we recognize what’s out of our control and then adapt to the change we are facing? Integrating learning, pausing to assess, and accessing your awareness are the three things we can use anytime to face uncertainty.

Tags: adaptable, change, alignment, commitment, awareness, curiosity

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When Facing Change Control What You Can

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