Red Direction’s Marketing Partner Program terms below are agreed to when completing the signup form. If you do not agree to what is contained in this contract, please do not sign up.

At any time, the terms outlined here may change, and you will automatically accept updates when participating in the Red Direction Affiliate Program called Red Direction Marketing Partner Program.


  • “Red Direction” means Red Direction LLC, a Colorado state LLC.
  • “Sites” means Red Direction’s internet sites including, but not limited to, JessicaDewell.com, BoldBusinessPodcast.com, reddirection.com.
  • “App” means all applications that Red Direction creates and operates.
  • “Red Direction Platform” means all information and access for Affiliates to manage their account.
  • “Item(s)” means any product or service offered for sale and available to Marketing Partners.
  • “User” means any person or business purchasing services through the Red Direction Platform.
  • “Marketing Partner” means any person or business who understands and approves to have read and fully agrees with the terms and conditions described here.
  • “Affiliate Site” means the internet site(s) of approved Marketing Partner.
  • “Link” means the internet URL provided by Red Direction Platform.
  • “Returns” means an amount of money from a chargeback generated by a credit card company, failure to pass Red Direction’s fraud screening, or money returned to a User for any reason.

Red Direction Marketing Partner Program Overview

The Red Direction Marketing Partner Program allows you to promote events, programs, and products. In order to join Red Direction’s Marketing Partner Program, you, the Marketing Partner must fulfill the following steps:

Open Your Account

To open your account, you will fill out the application form.


Red Direction will review the information you submitted, and if accepted, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to activate your account.

Activate Your Account

You will receive an email with instructions to activate your account. After activation, you will receive your unique id that will be associated with your account.

After activation, you, the Marketing Partner, will be able to choose what you would like to promote and receive corresponding links and images for your website, newsletters, etc.


Only after acknowledgment of your account approval will Marketing Partner information be added to the Red Direction Platform. This is also when you will be recognized as a Marketing Partner and may begin promoting.

Please note, Red Direction reserves the right to reject, cancel, or suspend Marketing Partner(s) with or without a reason. Some of the reasons Affiliate accounts may be canceled include:

  • Affiliate site is not compatible with Red Direction’s Marketing Partner Program.
  • Content of the site is not in alignment with the mission and vision of Red Direction.
  • Sites that promote violence, explicit sexual content, discrimination of any kind, illegal activities, material that infringes or supports third parties to infringe copyrights mark, or other forms of intellectual property, or acceptable laws.
  • Is any way illegal, damaging, libelous, obscene, aggressive, or racist in any way.
  • Use of automatic techniques to obtain links that were not obtained from within Affiliate Account.
  • Includes Red Direction or derivatives of or typing errors in the domain name.


In the event Marketing Partner application is accepted and then at a later time it is determined Marketing Partner Site(s) is/are unacceptable for the Red Direction Marketing Partner Program, Red Direction reserves the right to cancel participation of the site. Marketing Partners that have been rejected are forbidden to apply again.

Marketing Partner Promotion

Marketing Partner will be provided multi-media information to describe products. Marketing Partner may create variations or use unique media. Marketing Partner shall be solely liable for content, appearance, or placement of this information.

Use the Link generated through your Account in the Red Direction Platform.

Marketing Partners are not allowed to use automatic techniques to obtain these links.

Marketing Partner is solely responsible and liable for the development, operation, and maintenance of their site and also for any medium appearing on the Affiliate Site. Red Direction declines any responsibility in connection with the use of any materials other than those provided by Red Direction

Prior written consent from Red Direction is required for any official report or public comment that has any connection to Red Direction’s Marketing Partner Program. Please send an email to support @ reddirection .com with the details, including your contact information.

IT IS FORBIDDEN for Marketing Partner to:

  • Use non-requested email (spam), pop-ups, pop-under, exit pages as well as any other techniques obviously or secretly driving Clients to the Red Direction Platform;
  • Replace, intercept, interfere with, hinder, disrupt or otherwise alter User access, view or usage of Affiliate Site, a Link, including without limitation any click-through or track-based transaction.
  • Advertise Red Direction products or services employing cookie stuffing techniques including, but not limited to, pop-ups, frames, images, Javascript or stylesheets.
  • Place Links in any manner which may (intentionally or unintentionally) mislead any User.
  • Cause any use of a Link in bad faith or through fraudulent means, including, but not limited to, using any device, program, robot, inline frames, hidden frames, or redirects.
  • Use automatic redirection to Red Direction site or any automatically method for saving a cookie ofMarketing Partner.
  • Use outbound / unsolicited calling techniques, can only promote / sell services through inbound calls.
  • Promote services through scare-ware sales tactics.
  • Place live-orders through the Red Direction Platform with customer/end-user payment credentials (card, PayPal, etc).


Commissions and Payment

Once a User accesses the Red Direction Site/Platform on the basis of a link from your Site containing the Affiliate ID, Red Direction preserves the respective Affiliate ID for a variable period of time, usually 90 days, depending on settings. Should User place an order within this period, Red Direction will register a commission in Marketing Partner’s account.

In order to generate a commission, it is necessary that the User follows the affiliate link and affiliate link on Affiliate Site, places an order, pays for the order made in full and for Red Direction to deliver the order. Orders which are not delivered, charged back, cashed or are returned are not eligible to generate a commission.

Red Direction will fulfill orders placed by Users that followed links from Affiliate Sites. Red Direction reserves the right to reject orders for any/no reason. Red Direction shall keep a record for clients having followed special links from the Affiliate site and these records shall be accessible in the Marketing Partner account together with other reports.

The value of the commission is variable depending on the promoted products, with a minimum of 10% commission/referral. The value of the commission shall be applied to the total net value of the order sold through Red Direction Marketing Partner Platform without use or sales taxes included.

Red Direction offers a 2 tier Marketing Partner Program. You can earn commission from approved Marketing Partners you introduce to the program. The 2nd level commissions will be listed and maintained in the Marketing Partner dashboard (up to 3% of total sales).

Red Direction shall pay the commission to Marketing Partner each quarter by PayPal, manual check or any other means agreed. Red Direction may pay Affiliate, at his own discretion:

  • Monthly, if Marketing Partner commission is higher than $100 USD in the reporting period.
  • Quarterly if Marketing Partner commission is higher than $30 USD
  • Annually for any balance in Marketing Partner Account under $30 USD.


Commission is paid by Red Direction in order to satisfy payment obligations to Marketing Partner. Should an order that had generated a commission for Marketing Partner have a Return, this commission shall be deducted from the commission that was not paid by Red Direction; or in case Red Direction already paid the commission to Marketing Partner, the Return will be deducted from the next commission owed to Marketing Partner. Marketing Partner will remain responsible to Red Direction for any negative balances which arise out of any Returns and agrees to pay Red Direction the value of the negative balance no later than 60 days from the negative balance.

Users that buy products through this Red Direction Marketing Partner Program become Red Direction clients and customers. Consequently, any terms and conditions applied shall be imposed to such Users.

The value of the commission granted to Marketing Partner is confidential, and the infringement of this obligation by Marketing Partner may lead to compensations according to damage.

Final Provisions

Marketing Partner agrees to have read and agreed to this Marketing Partner program and that Red Direction offers no guarantee of any kind. The parties agree that this Program shall be agreed to by Marketing Partner online on the Red Direction Site together with registration in Marketing Partner Program.

Red Direction holds the legal right regarding all “Red Direction Sites” and the present Red Direction Marketing Partner Program and owns all products.

The participation of Marketing Partner on the Red Direction Marketing Partner Program may be terminated due to one or more serious violations of our terms described in this document. The commission earned will be paid in the next business cycle.

As a result, Red Direction will not accept any Marketing Partner applications from you in the future and we will also disable any accounts you have open with us. If Marketing Partner has any unpaid affiliate commissions, they will be postponed or removed until further notice.

Any litigation between parties shall be solved amicably, and if this is not possible, the case will be forwarded to the authorized courts of law in the state of Colorado.

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