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Instincts and Decision Making: When to Trust Your Gut

Regardless of skill or background, you are always learning and taking risks — checking in with your gut and listening to your instinct about when to step into something new. The foundational piece is WHY you are doing what you are doing. When you know the motivation behind the desire to have a profitable and thriving business, you know how to better use your gut as a tool when making decisions.

In this broadcast, you will hear about the three pillars used for making decisions, the importance of an outside set of eyes, and the real impact of saying “no” more often. These elements are key to knowing the changing needs of your customers and how to get more of the right work done. Jess Dewell talks with Howard Zales, Founder of Viridity Entertainment Services, about how mistakes will happen because all information is imperfect … but it doesn’t have to hold you back (and that is where your gut instinct comes in).

A solution to a problem, marketable skills, and personal goals are a few of the necessary ingredients to be a successful entrepreneur. Howard Zales, Founder of Viridity Entertainment Services, shares how relying on his gut as part of the decision-making process has been important to the success of his business.

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Instincts and Decision Making: When to Trust Your Gut

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