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Move Your Business Forward: Confidence and Common Vision

The most important action or project today may be different than for the week, quarter, or year. To utilize your time best, know the numbers – what products are most profitable, what revenue is necessary for continuous growth, and where to internally reinvest – and look at them. Why? Because what you avoid is what will most likely cause your business to fail. Developing the skills necessary to find and challenge assumptions, to let go of the story you have, and to believe in what you are offers a realistic assessment of what is going on in your business. Jess Dewell talks with David Longhini, CEO at Empodio, about scaling, team building, and learning from past effort.

Reflection must be part of your leadership role as a necessary part of an organizational checkup process. David Longhini, CEO at Empodio, talks about what it takes to go from zero to $1 million in two years … this outcome is by design and constant assessment, as well as learning to prioritize what the next best step is.

Tags: process, scale up, team building, uncertainty, stoicism, minimalism

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Move Your Business Forward: Confidence and Common Vision

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