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  • Take the guesswork out of prioritizing.
  • Know what marks – and how to interpret – progress.
  • Confidence making choices.

The CEO Infusion Mastermind is for business owners facing culture and growth problems who want to:

  • Cultivate what’s next for your business.
  • Close gaps between what is said and done to conduct better business.
  • Strengthen communication to all stakeholders.
  • Get back on mission and create sustained impact.

Anticipating Changing Customer Expectations: An Elusive Leadership Skill

If you are like many leaders, you think about customers often and scan for potential tweaks and improvements in processes and products, so consumers continue to choose yours over another solution.

Technology advances have set a high bar for all; people expect tools and products that make lives and work easier, quicker and, yes, cheaper.

But is that the whole picture when it comes to achieving growth?

Three approaches make anticipating customer behavior changes a dominant component of achieving your growth strategy are:

  • Know your customers’ growth strategies, their goals.
  • Dig deep into customer patterns for intel.
  • Gather input from staff about customer objections and needs.


We all face chaos every.single.day. It’s how we feel at the end of each day, week, even month that tells us how effective we’ve been. It’s easy to start missing deadlines, dropping the quality of our work and reacting to what’s around us.

How well we observe, prioritize, and problem solve directly correlates to the level of our success. These three elements make up key pieces of decision making.

As business leaders, there are so many things that may be on our mind:

  • do I have what it takes to do this?
  • do I have all the information I need to decide?
  • what are the best systems to use?
  • what if I’m wrong?

These questions we ask ourselves make us great leaders. We take our time, we are thoughtful, yet sometimes our reaction to chaos stop us in our tracks.

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