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Weave Value

Weave Value eCourse

Every business struggles occasionally with getting goals to the finish line. The typical response is to review, make changes in expectations, and try again and again. But …  when does failing fast and pivoting become a habit that misses the mark every time?

When you talk about what is important, you set an expectation. Others recognize they can ask questions, and talk about what they value too.

  • The way you work together can amplify your results and change outcomes.
  • What’s essential is knowing which values strengthen communication.

Your ability to talk about value will set your business apart from the competition. And, the right opportunities stem out of a strong value position.

Tame Business Brain Clutter

Learn how to choose:

  • By facing what we avoid in our leadership position.
  • Decide what’s important, right now.
  • And use creative ways to stay on task.

AND by the end of this 1/2 day Workshop, you will:

  • Articulate your goals and understand how they fit into your role right now.
  • Know and be able to use practical problem-solving skills.
  • Define business strengths and weakness (and your own strengths and weaknesses).
  • Understand the ins and outs of decision making.

Amplify Your Effort

This program will help you uncover what you value, understand how you work together as a team, and use that to choose priorities and make the best decisions for right now.

You’ll learn how to embrace chaos and prioritize opportunities and projects so you can quickly adapt to market changes and achieve your goals. You’ll walk away with a new perspective that allows you to be more resilient and work with more than you ever imagined.

The Mindset Shift Business Owners Must Make To Achieve Success

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