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clients-idea development

Idea: Create a place for mothers to drink a cup of tea, enjoy a read, and add to the conversation.

Differentiation: There are thousands of mommy-blogs and sites already. The unique selling point for Motherhood Matters focuses on the demands we face as women in this culture, and show women the value in being wives and momsProblem: How to present the focus of this blog on motherhood differently than mommy-blogs already established.

Solution: Articulate the idea, design it for market, and create a plan with specific tactical strategies to reach the mothers this idea serves.


  • Built a platform, a hub, for the Motherhood Matters message.
  • With redesign of website, email list is continuously growing.


For my long-term desire to have a web site, I had some concept of what it would look like, but I didn’t know how to get it done. I didn’t have the time to learn how to do a top-notch web site and blog.

The process of taking the idea and putting it out into the world is very different than having a vision. I needed someone to help me put what was into my head onto a visually-appealing web site. She did that!

With Jessica’s guidance, we’ve taken my idea of encouraging and supporting moms and motherhood and broken it down into actionable steps. My site is now launched.

With Jessica, I am developing ongoing tactical processes, staying clear about the mission, and putting it out for the world to see. Jessica has made my dream come to visual reality.

I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who wants help with making your dream and the ideas in your head a seen reality! She can do that for you.


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