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clients-business development

Problem: Online marketing was set aside for other priorities and needed to be brought back to focus. Communication between technical vendors was inefficient. There is a lack of clarity around the larger business vision.

Solution: Talk through what each vendor does, how their work supports this staging business, and what the strengths of each company (and the account managers working with Reveal) are. Assess gaps between their strengths and the strengths of Reveal’s team to close communication and increase productivity.


  • Closed communication gaps; increased rank in local searches.
  • Regular calls to problem solve current issues. Outline viable options based on business positioning and overall strategy.



I called Jessica when I needed someone that could fit my work style, my approach, and understand my business. She does all that AND has knowledge to build the brand, increase local awareness online, and build long lasting results. She listened, did her research, and started communicating with my vendors to close the communication loop. Reveal’s vision is clear, and my vendors better understand my short term goals because of Jessica’s consulting. I’m in this for the long haul, and Jessica is with me.

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