Client – Blueprint Strategy – The Scott Treatment

clients-blueprint strategy

Objective: Build a strategy to showcase video editing, marketing videos, and delight people with interesting information at the same time.

Problem 1: Find the sweet spot between creating cool video content snippets content to share and the promotion of services to keep the video editing sales funnel full.

Solution 1: There are clear results of what products The Scott Treatment produces: Interview Highlights, Quotable Quotes, Golden Nuggets, and overall tightening up video message presentation for paid member content and online course materials. The content that goes into the portfolio is weighted against internal checklist for the videos that best represent each product type. Incorporate clear next steps to maximize video content.

Problem 2: Organize a large and quickly growing content database in a useful easy to brows way.

Solution 2: Refine product offering to clearly defined options. Use multiple ways to build relationships for different steps of the sales funnel.


  • Presentable product offering and proposal template.
  • Foundational information about operating a business to make the best decisions possible.



I knew what I wanted to accomplish but felt I needed help building out my website to keep my video editing time booked. Because I was new to being a business owner, Jessica was especially helpful not only in the design and presentation of information on my website, but also helping me prioritize and focus my business in ways to keep the sales funnel flowing.

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