Talk About and Share Your Priorities

Prioritizing is a skill with several steps. This is the first in a series of articles that will break down and explore the importance of each step. When we practice conscious prioritization, we see more – hear more – and make better decisions.

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Hit a Business Growth Plateau? 5 Insights to Break Through

Do you have the capacity to grow? There are internal and external factors involved to achieve business growth. Finding improvements looks easy when someone comes in and points issues out to you. Think about a symphony. You go, sit down, and the performance begins … without the violins. You immediately know something is up. Afterward, […]

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Anticipating Changing Customer Expectations: An Elusive Leadership Skill

If you are like many leaders, you think about customers often and scan for potential tweaks and improvements in processes and products, so consumers continue to choose yours over another solution. Technology advances have set a high bar for all; people expect tools and products that make lives and work easier, quicker and, yes, cheaper. […]

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More Growth Requires More Commitment

Who’s in charge of growth strategy at your company? When the answer is anything other than EVERYONE, there is a business problem that requires attention. Doing more with less and dealing with change shapes where there is growth potential. The process to learn where to look for growth may mean “unlearning.” Unlearning what worked in […]