The ability to achieve directly correlates to the capacity for change. Your ability to recognize the need for and creating  lasting change come from the way your company shows up in these 5 areas:

    1. The company has reached a new phase and what used to work doesn’t anymore.
    2. The business plan and strategic growth plan are out of alignment.
    3. Communication and action result in unexpected outcomes (or not).
    4. Competitors change, maybe under the radar, and took you by surprise.
    5. The depth of executive soft skills and how they make or break your growth.

The ways this program may be delivered:

  • Facilitated 1/2 day leadership discussion
  • Executive Strategy Off-Site Experience
  • Interactive Training: $450/person, minimum of 6 people
  • Keynote

Hit a Business Growth Plateau?

An often overlooked part of analyzing and addressing slowed business growth is why that revenue actually stalls or even declines.

The symptom is a slowdown in revenue – a plateau. Revenue is a universal measure. The skill we need to lead effectively, to make decisions, is awareness. We check in on where we came from (past performance) and where we are going (based on where we were and where we are now). What we do with what we know, and how we invoke change to shift and iterate, is what determines the full potential of each action taken.

  • Somewhat challenging: a snowstorm scuttles a long-planned business trip.
  • Midway challenging: data temporarily sidelines the rollout of a new product / service.
  • Really, truly challenging: your most innovative team member suddenly leaves and takes all of their institutional knowledge before training a replacement.

Together, we are going to go in-depth in these areas that result in a growth plateaus, and what to do about them:

  • Our company reached a new phase and what used to work doesn’t anymore.
  • Business plan and strategic growth plan are out of alignment.
  • Communications and actions result in unexpected outcomes.
  • Competitors change, sometimes under the radar.
  • Executive soft skills that make or break growth.

Executive soft skills make or break growth. 

There are many competencies necessary to effectively lead and make decisions for your organization. We will dig into four here: discipline, accountability, responsibility, and anticipation.

  • Discipline in business is a body knowledge gained from experience and learning as well as a practice of consistently.
  • Accountability is our acceptance that our actions can result in unexpected outcomes and we embrace that.
  • Responsibly is owning the outcomes, whatever they are, for the decisions we make.
  • Anticipation is the practice of being present, aware, and taking time to process what’s happened as well as what’s possible to make decisions.

You will conclude this program with the tools you need to break through business growth plateaus:

  • Willingness to be open and practice your competencies daily until they become habits
  • To practice awareness enabling you to find assumptions and shortcuts that get in your way.

The Mindset Shift Business Owners Must Make To Achieve Success

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