Anticipating change is an elusive leadership skill.

In order to achieve your growth strategy, you must

  1. Know your customers’ growth strategies and goals,
  2. Deepen understanding of customer patterns.
  3. Gather input from staff about customer objections and needs.

This program uses these smart and sound steps to add clarity to know what direction you, your people and your customers can take to work together. And, you achieve your growth goals.

Here are the ways this program may be delivered:

  • Facilitated 1/2 day leadership discussion
  • Executive Strategy Off-Site Experience
  • Keynote
  • Interactive Training: $450/person, minimum of 6 people

If you are like many leaders, you think about customers often and scan for potential tweaks and improvements in processes and products, so consumers continue to choose yours over another solution. Technology advances have set a high bar for all; people expect tools and products that make lives and work easier, quicker and, yes, cheaper. But is that the whole picture when it comes to achieving growth?

Whether your business serves consumers directly (B2C) or other organizations (B2B), the quality of the customer experience is fundamental to your lifetime customer value equation. A new study by Walker shows a remarkable finding for B2B: the quality of a customer’s experience will bump price and is the KEY differentiator in the purchase decision.

The opportunity to better anticipate customer expectations relies on looking for clues both inside operations and from your customers, too. Three approaches make anticipating customer behavior changes a dominant component of achieving your growth strategy to know:

  • Your customers’ growth strategies, and their goals.
  • Customer patterns and infer reasons for their behaviors.
  • What your staff see and experience regarding customer objections and needs.


  • Add dimensionality to shape how you, your people and your customers work together to achieve growth goals.
  • Correlate actions and planning to your corporate vision, mission, and values. This practice of integration and coherence is valuable for all teams, for all employees to know and take pride in.
  • Encourage all stakeholders to care genuinely about customers’ success and your shared abilities to know how they achieve that success (with your support).

Build your capacity for good guessing, skillful prognostications, crafty upgrades to process, features and benefits that will compel customer loyalty.


I want Jess to create a customized program for my company.

The Mindset Shift Business Owners Must Make To Achieve Success

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